What is askMID in UK?


askMID.com is the motor insurance database in the United Kingdom. It is the only Central Record of all the insured vehicles in the UK. askMID website is updated over 10000 times every hour. This is one of the most important tools to ensure that vehicles running on the roads are insured. MID is used by police and DVLA to make the motor insurance law working.

United Kingdom police use automatic number plate recognition technology, which fetches the information from the MID directory to identify and catch the people who are driving without insurance. Every day more than 500 vehicles are seized, and  20 people every hour convicted for driving an uninsured vehicle. Just like police, you can also check your vehicle appearing on MID for free.

If you have been unfortunately involved in an accident and you want to check the other vehicle whether another vehicle is insured or not, for a small charge you can make a one-off askMID search on the website. Once you have given some details including the accident date you can identify the insurer of the other motor vehicle so that you can submit your claim for proceeding. 

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